My name is Zale Atley. My parents moved when I was 7. Our next door neighbor was a retired engineer with many patents. He also had a HAM radio station. We liked each other so he became a mentor for me. I learned the difference between theory and application. This led me to Trade School where I became an electronic technician and then to Cal Poly University which followed their motto “Learn By Doing”. I majored in Electronic Engineering, Mathematics and Military Science. 

After a three year tour as an Ordnance Missile Officer in the Artic, I worked as an engineer and project manager until I joined IBM in 1963 as a Sensor Based Systems Engineer. I joined IBM Research as an Advisory Systems Planner where we developed the factory of the future . 

I then worked for several engineering companies and consulted for others such as Saudi Aramco until 911 at which time I made a career shift.

I found many ways I could use my Systems Engineering background to heal bodies such as biofeedback and heart rate variability. I even had a device called the CardioWaveAnalyzer manufactured for me with a nice profit over a ten year period. Teaching Resilience has been useful to many.

Bruce Lipton has a great 5 minute video.